A Linux Enhanced port of Winpopup


LinPopUp-2 is a GTK+2 port of well known LinPopUp program.

Actually, it is a frontend for 'smbclient -M', so it allows you to send and receive messages to and from Winpopup users. You can find more features on original LinPopUp page at LittleIgloo.Org.

Since Jean-Marc Jacquet stopped developing in early 2000, life was changing. GTK+ v2.x became more popular than v1.2.x, several patches appears on the Net. I was asking to do something to make LinPopUp work better on modern system. So I made this GTK+2 port for myself and glad to share it with people now :-).

Also I translated it to Russian and applied some parts of Peter Österlund patch.
All previous contributors are listed in THANKS file.


Main window:


Preferences window:


Russian screenshots: Main window and Preferences.


You can get sources from Sourceforge.net project filelist.


If you want to help project, say, you made a patch or new translation or found a bug - contact
Roman Rybalko
Grigory Batalov
or write to forums at Sourceforge.

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